‘Everything in Moderation’

Growing up in a large family with a mother who is a fabulous cook has meant that mealtimes have always been exciting, boisterous some might say, and most importantly something to look forward to.

‘Everything in moderation’ was a phrase that was frequently heard – I have no issue with ‘everything,’ it was just the ‘moderation’ that I struggle with at times!  Nevertheless, it is this approach to food that I wish to pass onto my daughter who I have had great fun with, in introducing the many flavours, foods and feels over the past year, with my husband.

I am lucky that he too is an avid food enthusiast and we have both enjoyed watching her reactions to these new tastes and discovering a delight that is central to our lives.

Since returning to work, I have been passionately determined to continue in the provision of homemade, seasonal and tasty food.  I hope that this blog will give other similarly busy people ideas for yummy suppers, combined with tips for time and cost saving, things that I have found to be helpful.


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