Ease the Conscience Anytime Squares

Tomorrow morning my daughter and I are popping over to Putney to visit a friend and her newborn baby boy!   I don’t know about you, but when I was on maternity leave there was always an opportunity to ‘treat myself’ and to ‘keep my energy up’ to compensate for the lack of sleep and the round the clock feeding sessions.

So in anticipation of our visit, and knowing that the day is rapidly drawing to a close, I have prepared a little something that is a high energy, high fibre, delicious treat.  Perfect for a new mummy who might need that morning, afternoon, evening and/or middle of the night pick-me-up!  Equally yummy to prep quickly for a play date at home.  As if we need an excuse…

These seedy, nutty squares are a great snack for older children, but not for new eaters because of the chunky nuts.

Ease the Conscience Anytime Squares
(because they are nearly good for you, surely?)
Makes 20 squares
Prep in 10 minutes, cooked in 20 + cooling time

Ingredients and suggested quantities:
8oz porridge oats
2oz almonds, flaked
2oz cashew nuts, roughly chopped
2oz desiccated coconut
2oz mixed seeds, to include sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, linseed and sesame
7 tbsp golden syrup
7oz unsalted butter
1 level tbsp ground cinnamon

  1. Pre-heat oven to 180c and prepare a 23cm x 33cm baking tray with baking parchment
  2. In a pan melt the butter with the golden syrup on a medium heat, then add the cinnamon and combine
  3. In a large bowl combine the oats, nuts, seeds and coconut
  4. Pour the buttery syrup into the bowl carefully and then mix until the dry ingredients are equally covered
  5. Transfer the mixture into the prepared tray.  Press out to the edges so that it is spread evenly and smooth over the top
  6. Pop into the oven for 20 minutes
  7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before cutting into suitably sized squares.  I suggest  20.  The top will be beautifully golden and the kitchen will smell of cinnamon.  Reminds me of New England in the Fall.

Try playing with the ingredients.  Sometimes I like more seeds, sometimes more oats.  As long as the total quantity of dry ingredients remains the same, you can mix in what like, or whatever you have more of in the cupboard.  Next time, I think I might try some dried cranberries or maybe some grated apple…  Enjoy.


One thought on “Ease the Conscience Anytime Squares

  1. I was the lucky friend receiving these beautiful ‘Ease the Conscience Anytime Squares’! Delicious!! Only problem: once you start eating them you don’t stop… and I had to share them with my food loving, always extremely hungry husband!


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