Keeping Up the Enthusiasm for Weaning – More than Mushy Fruit

Our fruit bowl is refilled every weekend with Millie’s (guided) choice of fruit.  Now coming up to 19 months old, regular chants of ‘apple, apple’ – the generic term for fruit – can be heard on most visits to the kitchen.  Her love of fruit is partly due to it being the main offering during snack time at nursery, but I do think it is only fair that we take some credit!

We combined various fruit purees with a spoon of natural yogurt, crème fraiche, fromage frais or even just a splash of milk at the start.  We were met with some pretty spectacular expressions when we tried some of the sharper varieties.  So, always taste it first so you can dilute the fruit further if needed.  We used a tiny bit of brown sugar if they were too sharp to enjoy.

The fruity combos below are well received, and we enjoy them too.  Be brave with flavours, for your child’s sake.  They might even thank you when they are older!

  • Rhubarb and white peaches, cut into chunks, covered with a glug of water and baked on a medium heat until soft
  • Gooseberries, softened in a pan with a splash of elderflower cordial and little water
  • Apples peeled, cored and cut into rough chunks and blackberries, heated with cinnamon until smooth
  • Pear, cored and cubed (I keep the skin on) with blueberries and a small part of a vanilla pod, again heated until soft
  • Plums, de-stoned and halved in an oven proof dish with a tiny pinch of mixed spice, a swig of ginger cordial and enough water to cover the base of the dish, then into the oven to cook
  • Raspberry and passion fruit with fresh mint, heated in a pan with a some water to cover the base of the pan, then passed through a sieve to remove the seeds
  • Blackcurrants and nectarines, cut into chunks and heated through with some water to soften

Once the fruits are soft enough, blitz with a hand processor until smooth at the beginning, before getting progressively chunkier…  Serve what you need and then freeze the rest into cubes for use another time.

As the taste buds developed and we wanted to make these fruits more interesting, from a texture perspective also, we combined them with custard or rice pudding, or topped with crumble, a quick sponge or crunched up meringue pieces.

We are always looking to try new combos, so do let me know what goes down well in your home…


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