Fornells Inspired Crispy Semolina Crusted Squid Rings

A Quick and Easy Supper Recipe for All the Family

I overcame my fear of ordering calamari in a tapas bar on the harbour in Fornells just three years ago.  The tender squid pieces in a light crispy coating were a far cry from the chewy horrors that regularly grace the menus of many eateries back home in London; In fact, they were quite delicious.

This little list of ingredients is a slight tweak of a Nigella recipe and can be easily knocked together into a quick starter or as a fun snack, which is loved by all, regardless of age.

My very clever husband made these crispy semolina crusted squid rings at the weekend, and I could almost hear the gentle lapping of the sea against the bows of the boats back in that harbour.  Ok, well maybe not, but they were muy delicioso all the same!

Crispy Semolina Crusted Squid Rings
Serves 4 as a snack or starter to share
Prep in 15 minutes, cooks in 15 seconds

Ingredients and suggested quantities:
1 large squid, cleaned, prepped and cut into rings
2 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp semolina
½ tsp black pepper
1 tsp paprika
½ tsp salt
1 small bottle of rapeseed oil or ground nut oil

A few dipping options:
Lemony mayonnaise – juice and zest of ½ lemon with 2 tbsp mayonnaise
Sweet chilli sauce – fresh from the bottle
Garlic cream fraiche – 1 crushed garlic clove mixed with 2 tbsp crème fresh and some chopped parsley

  1. Prepare the squid and cut into rings – there are lots of demos online if you need, or you can just buy them already prepped and frozen from the supermarket
  2. In a large mixing bowl combine the cornflower, semolina and seasoning.  Chuck in the squid rings and make sure they are thoroughly coated
  3. Prep your dips so that you are ready to serve the squid immediately
  4. Pour the oil into a frying pan to about 2 cm deep and heat to a high temperature
  5. Carefully place the squid rings into the oil in batches to sizzle for about 15 seconds.  The semolina colours quickly and the squid can easily become chewy, so do not leave it
  6. Scoop the rings out of the oil straight onto some kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil and then enjoy straight away

Personally, my favourite accompaniment is a good wedge of lemon, a glass of very cold Rosado and a nice view.


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