Roasted tomato and rosemary soup

An incredibly quick and easy soup for lunch or supper…


Preheat your over to 200c
Chuck the following ingredients into a high sided roasting pan and then pop in the oven for 45 mins…

7 tomatoes, stalky bit removed and then quartered
1 onion, skin removed and cut into large chunks
1 red pepper, seeds removed and the quartered
4 garlic cloves, squashed
2 big springs of rosemary, destemmed
Glug of olive oil
Salt and pepper

Then, remove from the oven and put directly onto the hob on a medium heat. Add…

1 chick stock pot
2 lt water
1 can of crushed tomatoes
1 handful of crumbled stale bread
Splash of Worcestershire sauce
Splash of balsamic vinegar

Simmer for about 5 mins and then blitz everything together with a hand blender until desired texture. Taste for seasoning and serve with some grilled cheese and pesto toasts.



One thought on “Roasted tomato and rosemary soup

  1. Look delicious…. Saw picture of you at christmas, what a model. Really sorry we missed you but hopefully not too long to see you. Had a fab afternoon yesterday with your parents, Penny and Dick to the theatre and then early dinner where Max and Fi joined us. Having lunch with Anne this thursday. Missing you Big kiss Marielle Le 31 Jan 2015 à 16:57, Mumma, what’s for supper? a écrit :

    > >


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