Not-So-Boring Porridge to Fuel Up for the Day

A beyond easy breakfast that ticks all the nutrition boxes is what we all want for all the family, right? Although there is nothing new or clever about this one, it really does tick all my boxes and is a good reminder of a classic.


In a microwave proof bowl, cover 30g of porridge oats in water and zap in the microwave for 2 minutes. This works well for an individual adult portion. My two kiddos will usually share this amount of porridge.

Then make it interesting.

We add a dollop of full fat plain Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit and then a cube of frozen puréed fruit from the freezer. Today was pear, apple and cinnamon puree with some chopped banana.


These Annabel Karmel freezer cubes are fantastic. They save a heap of time having fruit prepped and ready to jazz up any breakfast or pudding.

This is sure to fill the tums… At least until snack time!


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