Banana, Apple and Pear (and Chocolate… Shhhhhh) Shake at Breakfast Time

Why is that on pre-school mornings my Millie decides that breakfast should be eaten at a snails pace and with the least enthusiasm? It’s not that she doesn’t love going to school, more a case that she is far too preoccupied with the prospect of seeing her friends to sit still and focus on something as mundane as nourishing herself in preparation. I tell you, it really doesn’t make for a harmonious to the day. Please tell me you can’t relate?

When I ask her what she would like for breakfast, usually giving three options to choose from, of course she responds with the unspoken Option Number Four: Nutella on toast. It will occasionally happen, but it really is only a once or twice a month treat. Anyway, being totally fed up of this daily request, yesterday we compromised and with success… But secretly I was the real winner of this battle! Yes, that is right.

So, here is my winning recipe for a Banana, Apple, Pear and Chocolate Shake that went down a treat without any nagging. And was ready in less than two minutes.

1/2 banana, cut into chunks
1 cube or 2 tbsp of apple and pear puree
1 level tsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup of milk
1 heaped tbsp of yogurt, I used plain probiotic full fat

Now, for the lengthy method…

Whizz all ingredients with a hand blender or in a regular blender and pour into a glass. Add a straw for some jazz and let them sup it down.


Now, for a bit of piece and quiet in the morning, and for the avoidance of any foot stamping before 8am, I think this shake is game on with enough energy to make it until snack time.

Please do share your peace-keeping tactics with me in the comments below. Thanking you in advance!


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