The Jacket Potato… Endless Supper Options

I am sure ours is not the only family to consider a jacket potato as primarily the perfect vehicle for a big old wedge of butter…. Who am I kidding, I am talking an indecent ratio of butter to potato here. With a good fresh grind of salt and pepper, there is almost no need for anything else on the plate.


That said, this post does not require a recipe as I am sure everyone knows a couple of minutes in the microwave followed by an hour or so in the oven at 160c is the perfect way to tackle this. Yes? So, this post is more of a reminder of the greatness of the humble jacket potato and that it can be filled with just about anything.

Cut down on all (some of) that butter I was talking about, and the potato is actually highly nutritious, particularly when filled with lots of colourful veggies, salad bits and some lean proteins. Did you know that a potato has more potassium than a banana?

On a chilly day like today however, I made my fave cauliflower cheese… And a winner with the kiddos too.


A jacket potato is a great ‘go-to’ supper. It can be the star of a ‘leftovers’ night or the vehicle for a casserole or chilli. Most importantly it is cost effective and a good tummy filler.


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