Beans on Toast… Simply Jolly Good

My little chica is pretty good at trying most things that I put in front of her, sometimes with a non-supernanny-approved amount of bribery, sometimes without. ‘JUST TRY IT, Pleeeeease??’ Can you sense the desperation?!

However, there are days when she just wants something simple and today was one of those days. Luckily, my baby boyo still just eats what he is given… He’s a dream, and still voiceless at only 11 months old.

Anywho, back to the plate of goodness…

Toast a piece of bread, and butter appropriately… Your call, but you can probably guess my thinking here

Defrost and heat up a cup of homemade baked beans from the freezer. You will find the recipe here, or at least a version of it! The batch I used today had lots of chopped up veggies added, and I use black beans instead of the cannelloni beans

Fry an egg and slide it on top


This plate full was polished off happily, using the toast crusts to dip in the yolk, of course.


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