Mid-morning Snack Plate for PreSchoolers

Snack time… Finding the time mid morning to avoid the quick fixes of sugar laden processed snacks is tricky, but worth it for sustained energy and beneficial nutrients to keep your kiddos growing strong and healthy.  I find that a little selection plate will go down a treat mid morning when little tummies start to grumble.

I am making a conscious effort to improve the variety of foods offered at snack time and so like to include a little selection of veggies and/or fruits, whole grain crackers and a protein of sorts… When I can.  

The surprise on my little chica’s face when she was presented with this plate today instead having a banana or a cookie chucked (not literally of course) in her direction was just delightful!  

Today the plate included…

… Sticks of cucumber and carrots, little florets of cauliflower, roasted veggie multigrain crackers, a tbsp of hummus and some cubes of cheddar.

The raw cauliflower was not the most successful, however I will keep offering it, and will keep you posted on her (my) progress!  The humus is always a winner however.

I would love to hear you snack time successes. PLEASE SHARE with me below in the comments section!


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