Classic Sunday Roast

Is there a better feeling than sitting down on a Sunday to a table filled with family and good food?  Well, it’s a difficult one to beat, isn’t it.  My childhood Sunday memories consist of exactly this with family friends added into the mix also.  We are now passing down this Great British tradition to the next generation in our household, and they are LOVING IT!

Yesterday, we tucked into roast chicken with gravy, roasted potatoes and parsnips, steamed broccoli and carrots au gratin and I have to say there wasn’t an empty plate at our table.  Home cooking at its best!


On Sunday, you may have seen the great Jay Rayner’s review in The Guardian of a wonderful little restaurant in Windermere called The Lamplight Dining-Rooms, which happens to be owned and run by great friends of ours. 

Uniquely, The Lamplighter offers a family style Sunday lunch of whole joints of various meats, pre-ordered, specifically just for your table, served with all the good stuff, just like you were at home…  But BETTER. The only difference being you have none of the prep or clear up required to produce this nostalgic masterpiece!  So go on, treat yourself and head to The Lakes.  Specifically to The Lamplighter Dining-Rooms for Sunday lunch.  But be sure to book, because after Mr Rayner’s entirely complimentary review, there won’t be an empty table available for love nor money!

Whether you head out for a Sunday roast or settle in at home for one, plan this meal into your weekly menu plan.  Not only is the idea of sitting around the table together with with your nearest and dearest a great grounding one, but it is a nutritional treat.  

‘A family that eats together, stays together’ A quote from my Mumma.


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