Peach Jello

Wibble wobble jello on a plate.  Always a hit with little people, particularly at birthday parties if I remember correctly.  This little recipe has no added sugar, just fruity goodness!  So give it a try for a snack time treat using peaches or whatever fruit you have in the freezer.

Peach Jello
Makes 16 minis

300g frozen peach slices, defrosted
1 pkt of gelatine powder
16 frozen raspberries

Start by blitzing the peach slices into a puree in a blender.  It will produce about 1 cup of puree.  

In a jug, mix the packet of gelatine with half a cup of cold water.  Whisk it until the granules have dissolved.  Mix thoroughly with half a cup of boiled water and then stir into the peach puree.

Place one raspberry in each cup of a mini muffin tin.  Then carefully pour the peach jello over the top of each raspberry to the brim and set in the fridge for a couple of hours. 

Once set, carefully run a knife around the edge of each jello and then scoop it out.  The perfect fruity snack or pudding. 


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