Winning Pasta Bake

A sure thing.  You won’t be wasting any kitchen time with this one.  Once the smells from the oven reach your loved ones, they will be sitting, ready for their plates to hit the table to polish them off. 

 I made this one with fusilli pasta, a big batch of parmesan and cheddar cheese sauce combined with sautéed leeks, mushrooms and bacon.  Nothing ground breaking, just a good classic combo of flavours. There is nothing worse than a pasta bake that looks to have so much potential but ends up being dry and flavourless, so here is my list of things I keep in mind when chucking one together.

  • Cook the pasta more Al dente that you would normally… It will finish cooking in the oven
  • Make more sauce than you think you need… Sloppy is good
  • Use a strong cheese… You can then use less of it, so more bang for your buck
  • Remeber to season well… No one likes bland
  • Make sure you use bold flavours and in good quantity… You don’t want to searching for that rouge piece of bacon lurking somewhere in the pasta
  • Try new ingredients… Who won’t try something covered in a cheese sauce?
  • Serve with colourful veggies… Yum
  • Only bake as much as you need… Leftovers are good, but another meal prepped in the freezer for another day is better!  

Enjoy this classic x


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