Scratch-Made Food For Your Babe Too!

I wanted to share with you some of my super simple, quick and easy ‘go to’ not-quite-recipes that I used when introducing both of my kiddos to solid foods after those first couple of very simple weeks of single ingredients.  Not a jar or pouch in site 😉

As new parents we are all told of the benefits of offering a variety of fruits and vegetables from the get go in order to establish long term healthful eating habits.  The ones I have detailed in the links below were designed to keep things interesting for my babes but also for me too, as the chief preparer.

We are also told not be disheartened when the food you have lovingly prepared is met with that sucked lemon face, gets spat out, thrown across the floor or back in your face.  Or all of the above.  Difficult, especially when you know there is absolutely nothing wrong with it because you made it, and you know all its ingredients.  These are the moments where I found it beneficial to freeze the food in batches so if, for example, my squash and swede purée was unappreciated one day, I can leave it a week and then try it again.  No waste.  Have I mentioned I hate waste?

I am sure I was told by my health worker that it takes 10 attempts for a babe to learn if they really don’t like something… Well, I agree that persistence is key, but also just make sure you are tasting the food you are offering too to check it does actually taste good, and of the main ingredient.  My rule of thumb was, if I think it tastes bad then I am certainly not going to be feeding it to my child.  Obviously if something has a particularly strong flavour, then we didn’t just avoid it, we added a preferred ingredient or a glug of milk or fromage frais to soften the flavour a bit.  Sometimes I have been known to be slightly over experimental in my flavour combinations so I had to remember when weaning my babes to be gentle and logical with the combos.  

Click on this link for my favourite veggie based recipes and this link for the fruity ones!

(Just wanted to let you know that I have deleted my rant about jarred, pouched, pre-made baby food for fear of sounding like a massive snob.  If you are even reading this far, you know the HUGE benefits of making your own rather than falling for all those lovely marketing phrases like ‘mum’s own recipe’ or one of my particularly faves ‘Earth’s best’… I am sure it was at some point.  Sorry, I’m done.)



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