Three months of eating… Some visual inspiration

As quiet as I may have been on the posting front over the passed few months, please fret not, we have still been eating!  If you follow my INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK PAGE you will have seen some faves, however I thought it might be fun to summarise here, all in one place. So here we go…

Fresh fruity granola breakfast bowl… Never let breakfast get dull.Roasted squash, aubergine and celeriac with some Saint Agur crumbled/splodged over the top.Another breakfast bowl packed with energy and vitamins.A platter of various veggies… Guaranteed to hit your 8-a-day!Smoked salmon, watercress and some olive bread from the local bakery.  Classic goodness.Served on the side of the kiddos cereal for them to jazz up as they wished.Summer time salmon and brocolli quiche… I had forgotten just how good this was until I saw the pic!A wild line caught sea bass brought from a fave farm shop in Sussex, Eggs to Apples.  So fresh.  So tasty.Jamon Serrano with rocket and pine nuts… Perfect start to a meal with some bbq’d necturine quarters.  Salted pecan brownie cake covered in grated dark chocolate and melted white chocolate… Just because.Kent strawbs at their best.Summer lunch of salad, baguette, deli meats and cheeses.About to hit the oven… Local Gooseberries from the farmers market with elderflower made a delicious cobbler. Chaource.  Be patient and let it ripen.  Totally worth it with some crackers and salad for an easy supper.Slaw with a mayo-free dressing… Tasted even better as all was chopped by hand.Love fresh herbage… In season English asparagus on puff pastry with Parmesan. Prawns, lime and chilli marinated salmon with an avo leafy salad and a really seedy pita.End of term bake sale.  My cake pans were yet to arrive off the ship so these choco cookies had to suffice.Pimms prep.  I missed Pimms… until the following morning, then, not so much.Strawberry fields forever! Beauties!Seedy avo salad… Perfect with some bbq’d sausages.Quick snack lunch with some delicious duck liver pate from Sussex Smokers at Downingbury Farm Shop.Our minestrone soup… Packed with goodness and always enjoyed to the last ladle.Pizza pizza… Bought the flat breads and topped as we saw fit.Grilled salmon and home made tzatziki my way.Kent raspberries… We are big fans of PYO’ing!  One for the punnet, two for the tum.And of the ‘essential’ goodies you find in the farm shop afterwards.Fluffy herbed couscous with roasted veggies and feta.More summertime goodness at breakfast time. The smoked salmon wrapped perfectly with the herby leaves, cucumber, avo and little dollops of creme fraiche.Meal for two… Frozen chopped spinach with leftover roast chick smoked ham in a cheesy sauce.  Served over the kids staple.Milestone cookies.  Oats, coconut, quinoa, hazelnuts, cocoa and marshmallows. I hope you have spotted something from this lot that might inspire… I feel full just looking back at this.

What have you all been cooking/baking/serving/growing lately? I would love to know, so please do leave me a comment below.



4 thoughts on “Three months of eating… Some visual inspiration

  1. Oh my goodness, this all looks scrumptious. That brownie cake is a masterpiece. You should be writing a book. Thank goodness it’s nearly lunchtime because I’m now ravenously hungry!


  2. Well that has left me hungry and inspired… Welcome back 🙂 would love the recipes to some of these. I second the book idea 🙂


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