Starting the Day with a Boost!

Mumma, what’s for supper?  And breakfast, lunch and snack! As the kiddos are developing their foodie taste buds and interests, they are also becoming pretty vocal in their demands for their fave meals.  Whilst indulging their preferences from time to time (did anyone say spaghetti and meatballs?!) it is important to keep mixing it up and give them good nutritious foods and combos to try. Starting with breakfast.

Having a good nutritious breakfast sets our family up for a good day, physically and mentally. It is easy to get stuck in a ‘toast or cereal’ rut, so I try to remind myself to make breakfast colourful, fresh and most vitally, delicious. (The exact opposite of the packet of crisps and can of energy drink I saw a boy devouring on his walk to school last week… I nearly cried.)

We love a smoothie in this house and try to stick to similar coloured ingredients so that we don’t end up with beige splodge.  One cup containing everything we need to keep us going til lunch… Total efficiency!So here are some of our faves that can be blitzed together in a couple of mins…

Berries: half banana, a cup of frozen summer red berries, a heaped teaspoon of almond butter, a glug of milk.

Choc: a whole banana, a level teaspoon of cocoa powder, a heaped teaspoon of natural peanut butter, a glug of milk

Mango Passion: a whole chopped mango, 2 passion fruits, 2 heaped tablespoons of Greek yogurt, glug of milk (I like a like fresh mint in mine too).

I love a warm buttered piece of grainy toast, and my husband and kiddos know to leave the crust for me if they want a happy Mumma!  There is a bit of a yogurt on toast craze doing the rounds at the moment it seems, however for now we are still in the nut butter and fruit phase! So tasty, fresh and delicious!
 A weekend with lots of activities ahead calls for a special breakfast of pancakes topped various chopped fruits, butters, jams and sometimes a wee scraping of Nutella too… It’s the weekend after all! When time permits (which reminds me I must make some time this weekend) I like to make my own granola to have piled high with yogurt and fresh fruits and nuts.  However, when time does not permit (most of the time) I look for a low sugar, high oat and fibre granola from the supermarket… Oh the choices are endless and truly delicious sounding, but check the nutritional information so that you are happy with all it’s contents… Not just the healthful sounding ones 😏 On a ‘toast or cereal’ day, I pop a plate of prepped fruit on the table for kiddos and adults alike to tuck into.  I find this effort results in significantly increased fruit consumption in the morning versus the alternative ‘do you want an apple?’ method as bottoms are already half off their seats to leave the table.Overnight oats… What a winner.  For breakfast on the go or just when you need to get organised for an efficient morning, these are so simple yet totally delicious.  Chuck a chosen selection of oats, nuts, dried, fresh or frozen fruits, zesty, spices into a mason jar so that it is about 2/3rds full,  fill the jar with milk, put the lid on, give it a shake and fridge it ’til morning.  Add some fresh fruit in the morning when you serve it up if you fancy.

The pic below included… Oats, chopped hazelnuts, dried cranberries, mixed spice, cinnamon, coconut and raspberries.  Topped with milk. Yum.
 Whether you want to have a nice leisurely breakfast or an efficient blitz, grab and go one, do it justice, enjoy it and make it count.  Your body will thank you later! 


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