Parma Mozza Pizza Fingers

As we race to the finish line of the school year and want to make the most of the good weather after school, I certainly don’t want to faffing around in a hot kitchen for long. 

This recipe is quick to prep, like 15 minutes start to finish quick, and super tasty.  Even the crusts will be demolished.

For total efficiency, preheat the oven to 220*c whilst you are chucking this together.

I like to use a part cooked store bought garlic flatbread as the base.  Flavourful.

Spoon a thin layer of pasata or canned chopped tomatoes onto the flatbread and then top with little 1/4 tsps of pesto over the top… As much or as little as you like.  My kiddos love pesto… Pizza, pasta, paninis, I pop it in!

I then half little mozzarella balls, or pearls they are sometimes called in the supermarket, and evenly distribute over the sauce.

Tear up some slices of Parma ham and add them to the pizza.

Obviously, you can chuck anything else on top that you fancy, but this time we kept is simple πŸ˜‰

Pop straight onto the shelf in the hot oven, no need for a tray, and cook for 10 mins until the cheese is bubbling.

Once out of the oven, I let it sit for a few mins to cool a bit before cutting into fingers and chopping some chives on top.

Perfect after school supper in the garden β˜€οΈ


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