Picnic Pinwheels

The picnicking theme is continuing through the summer hols whilst the sun continues to shine☀️

In using up a slab of pastry from the freezer and some bits from the fridge, we created these little, tasty and transportable beauties…

Having rolled out the shortcrust pasty into a large rectangle, and divided into three, we then topped with: 

1. Red pepper pesto, grated cheddar and basil leaves

2. A spread of Marmite and grated cheese

3.  Dijon mustard, smoked ham slices, grated cheese and black pepper

Rolling each section length ways, I then popped the three rolls into the fridge for an hour to chill.

I then sliced them up a couple of cms thick into little pinwheels, topped each one with a pinch of grated cheese and baked in a preheated medium high oven for 20 mins.

Allow to cool and you have a tasty addition to a picnic or a play day snack.

Great way of using up last slices, wedges and spoonfuls 👌🏻


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