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In February 2013 my husband, nearly two year old daughter and I moved from suburban Balham in south west London, England, to the little mountain town of Canmore in Alberta, Canada. A year later we welcomed our son and our family is perfectly complete.

With my professional career on a temporary hold, my primary focus is raising our two little kiddos happily and healthily. With fresh air and outdoor activities in ample supply in this part of the world, this is where I get to the ‘supper’ part of this blog!

With a basic nutrition course under my belt and a life long (over) interest in all things food, I enjoy planning our weekly menus to ensure a varied and nutritionally balanced diet for our family of four. I take inspiration from foodie magazines, television shows, my favourite chefs cookbooks and what is for sale at the local farmers market in the summer months.

Like most, I have my favourite dishes, those that I know will be eaten and enjoyed without fuss by the kiddos, but I do continuously try to put new dishes, or at least dishes with a different spin on them on the table weekly. I would encourage everyone to task themselves with the challenge too.

My daughter loves to get involved in the preparation of our meals and demands the appropriate title of ‘chief chopper, stirrer, grater, crusher…’ whatever it may be at the time, and this will pretty much guarantee at least a taste of a new dish or ingredient, if not a second helping! Most of the time…

My recipes are not precise to the gram but based on a gut slosh, dollop or sprinkle.  Recipes with hundreds of ingredients and long methods are of little interest to me at this stage in my life when I have little people at my feet requiring my love and attention!

I would love to hear any feedback you have on my recipes. Suggestions, improvements, variations, questions… So please do use the comments section under each post and I will respond during nap time!

Happy cooking xx


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Another Canadian blog. Can I add your blog on my list under Alberta? Please let me know. Kind regards and have a pleasant week and great chill out times!


  2. what a lovely blog! I like to cook quick and simple things with not too many ingredients too, in a healthy way. Looking forward to connecting with you with a follow, as I check out the ones already here…


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