Quick & Easy Recipes

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Breakfast Time goodies:
Banana, Apple and Pear Shake
Not So Boring Porridge
Coconut, Cranberry and Quinoa Bars
Fruity power bowl

Sauces for pasta, meats and fish:
Fresh pesto
Gnocchi with Monster Spinach and Garlic sauce
Pleasing Popeye
Green sauce
Corn and mango salsa

Asparagus and courgette soup
Leek and corn chowder
Millie-strone soup
Roasted Celeriac, Cauliflower and Garlic Soup
Roasted Tomato and Rosemary Soup
Chicken and corn chowder
‘Orange’ soup
Swiss barley soup

White Meats:
Chicken courgette cigarillos
Parmesan chicken with leeks and mushrooms
Warm Winter Chicken and Barley Risotto
Chinese Chicken Noodles
Creamy Chicken with Veggies in Parsley Pancakes
Turkey and Pork Meatballs with Shredded Crispy Potatoes
Chicken and corn chowder
Turkey and aubergine parmigiana
Chicken pot pie
Asian grilled chicken with stir-fried vegetables
Turkey and slaw wraps
Chicken Satay
Baked Spanish Chicken

Tagliatelle with pesto
Asparagus and mushroom quiche
Lentil Daal with sweet potato and cauliflower samosas
Spinach pesto rice salad
Oeufs en cocotte
Thyme and garlic roasted butternut squash risotto
Hedgehog garlic bread
Sweet potato and spinach quinoa fingers
Rye bread with egg mayo
Roasted peppers and aubergine with quinoa
Gnocchi with Monster Spinach and Garlic Sauce
Spanish Tortilla
Sesame and White Bean Hummus
Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Curry
Welsh Rarebit
Jacket Potatoes
Simply Beans on Toast
Selection of Open Sandwiches
Oven Roasted Veggies with Quinoa Salad
Boston baked beans
Warm roasted pumpkin and puy lentil salad
Festive Brussels sprouts
Spinach, tomato and goat cheese tart
Green pasta
Seven vegetable lasagne
Navy bean salad
Mushroom asparagus and quinoa salad

Bacon, veggie, cheesy pasta bake
Baked and glazed pork butt
Fusilli carbonara
Toad in the hole
Pulled pork with coleslaw
Spicy Coconut Pork and Asparagus
Rice Bowls
Pork Chops and Apple Wedges
Toad in the Hole
Sausage, red onion and sage plait
Milano salami and courgette pizza
Roasted pork loin
Bacon and bean burger with poached egg
Spinach, ricotta and Serrano ham

Fish and Shellfish:
Spiced cod with coconut spinach and courgette
Salmon and broccoli frittatas
Stir fried Rice and Prawns
Smoked haddock and mustard filo crunch
Broad bean, pea and salmon risotto
Semolina crusted squid rings
Friday fish pie
Warm prawn and avocado salad
Garlic and lemon salmon fillets
Thai green prawns and red rice

Red Meats:
Lamb kofta stuffed wholewheat Pitas
Crispy beef pizza pinwheels
Chilli Con Carne
Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato and Parsnip Mash
Venison casserole
Cannelloni stuffed with bolognaise and spinach
Beef Wellington
Herby meatballs with tomato ragu

Fruity Desserts:
Peach jello
Vanilla Custard with Tart Raspberries
Summer Pavlova
Apple and blackberry parcels
Plum, cinnamon and almond crumble
Baked rhubarb with ginger

Sweet Treats:
Spiced carrot and banana loaf
Banoffee pie
Quinoa and peanut protein nuggets
Raspberry and white chocolate blondies
Victoria Sandwich with PB&J Frosting
Chocolate Pudd Pot
Vanilla Custard and Tart Raspberries
Anytime squares
Carrot cake muffins
Christmas scented chocolate shots
Classic crepes
Apple and maple syrup flapjacks
Banana pecan and choccie loaf
Smoothie for Snack Time

Savoury Snacks:
Cheese on toast
Sausage rolls
Yellow pepper hummus
Sweet potato and spinach quinoa fingers
Antipasti plates
Morning snack plate
Spanish Tortilla
Sesame and White Bean Hummus
Red Pepper and Mushroom English Muffin Pizzas
Welsh Rarebit
Cheesy Crackers
Easy Eggs
Turkey and slaw wraps

Weaning your baby onto solids:
Vegetable recipes
Fruit recipes


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