I Dare You…

… TO TRY SOMETHING NEW IN THE KITCHEN THIS WEEK!  Yes, I am shouting, sorry!  I am calling this challenge… My Family First!

Introduce your family to a new ingredient, recipe, or style of food and get the kids to help out in the selection and or preparation.  They will more likely buy into the new idea before the plate has hit the table.  

Share your results in the comments section below and we might all benefit for your experience!  What was a success, where you met resistance, what you would do again or what you would do differently.  I will share ‘my family first…’ there later in the week… I am hoping to recover from my croquette disaster!

Check out this link to my little list of family friendly menu suggestions…  Have a look through and build something you haven’t tried before into your menu plan this week.  Go on, I dare you!



2 thoughts on “I Dare You…

  1. Well I did it!

    I made your/your mum’s chicken satay, with stir fried fennel, asparagus and kale (as that was what was in the fridge). It went down very well and will definitely make again!


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